Liz Meredith LP

Liz Meredith
Liz Meredith s/t, LP (2012)


Album Tracks:
1. A (20:28)
2. B (17:43)

Album Credits:
Liz Meredith [Viola, Objects, Electronics]
John Somers [Mixing, Sound Design]
Carl Saff [Vinyl & Digital Mastering]

Album artwork by Liz Meredith / All music composed, performed, and produced by Liz Meredith / Material recorded intermittently between the years 2003-2009 in Boston, MA ~ San Francisco, CA ~ Baltimore, MD

© 2012 Liz Meredith

Catalog #: LM0001
ISRC Codes: QM-S4R-12-00001 QM-S4R-12-00002

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