The Disposition of Vibrant Forms 5 LP Set, Liz Meredith and John Somers

John Somers & Liz Meredith
The Disposition Of Vibrant Forms, 5 LP Set (2013)


Album Tracks:
1. Wind Harp Part I (19:00)
2. Wind Harp Part II (16:14)
3. Forward Motion (18:42)
4. Resonant Flow (19:16)
5. Montebello Lake Part I (19:48)
6. Montebello Lake Part II (19:32)
7. Overarcing (19:02)
8. Slow Lift (20:02)
9. Cloud Dance (19:14)
10. Precession (in time) (11:38)

Hello Everyone,
We proudly present to you our album “The Disposition Of Vibrant Forms” here in digital format and limited edition 12″ records (5 LP set). This project is a culmination of three years of collaboration, which gradually took shape over that time span. We really hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for your support!

Very best,
John and Liz / March, 2013

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Album artwork by Cara Levy / Music by John Somers and Liz Meredith / Recorded in Baltimore, MD 2009-2012

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