Guitar Player Magazine Product Spotlight

Guitar Player Magazine Product Spotlight: VauxFlores Gold Standard

“Designed by VauxFlores in collaboration with composer Liz Meredith, and built-in small batches in Baltimore, MD, the VauxFlores Gold Standard ($120 retail) is a fuzz that caters to the adventurous, creative, and brave sonic champions among us. It sputters. It oscillates. It feeds back. It’s gated, spontaneous, and intentionally bizarre, yet surprisingly versatile, and it’s capable of a variety of tones in a streamlined, two-knob enclosure. While it may not be for the faint of heart, those willing to take the plunge will surely not be disappointed.”

–  Product Spotlight. Guitar Player Magazine (2014)

30 Seconds of Racket: Vauxflores Gold Standard Demo:

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