Liz Meredith – Repro, LP (Spleencoffin, 2019)

Yay! Very excited to announce that my new solo LP – Repro is available now through s P L e e N C o F F i N. Details below:

Liz Meredith’s long-awaited follow up to her self-released debut solo LP presents five new minimalist pieces for viola, electronics, and tape loops. Wielding a rich palette of densely laden string textures, tape squelches, and searing tones, Liz shows her mastery of the slow burn.  Cover art is screen printed with magenta, yellow, and silver spectrographic renderings of the tape loop sources from these compositions.

“Meredith’s gestures are simple and seemingly impulsive. Recurring drones that whirr and cough. Harmonics snagged on the sharp edge of the looper return. Yet endurance renders them profound, just how even the most everyday objects accrue a quiet wisdom as their colours start to fade and mud smatters their surfaces.”
Jack Chuter, ATTN Magazine


X|i|O Vol. 1 Cassette

Vol. 1, Tape Cassette (2014)


Album Tracks:
1. Untitled (Balance)
2. Untitled (Nuance)
3. Untitled (Frenzy)
4. Untitled (Solo Viola)
5. Untitled (Stately)
6. Untitled (Minimal)
7. Untitled (Release)

Album Credits
Released September 18th, 2014

All tracks composed/improvised by x|i|o:

Liz Meredith – Viola & Violin
Mick Ricereto – Alto & Soprano Clarinet

Recorded by Will Redman, summer 2013
Mixed and mastered by Liz Meredith
Tape Transfer by Tim Wisniewski
Cover Art by Mick Ricereto

c. 2014 – x|i|o Music – All Rights Reserved

Guitar Player Magazine Product Spotlight

Guitar Player Magazine Product Spotlight: VauxFlores Gold Standard

“Designed by VauxFlores in collaboration with composer Liz Meredith, and built-in small batches in Baltimore, MD, the VauxFlores Gold Standard ($120 retail) is a fuzz that caters to the adventurous, creative, and brave sonic champions among us. It sputters. It oscillates. It feeds back. It’s gated, spontaneous, and intentionally bizarre, yet surprisingly versatile, and it’s capable of a variety of tones in a streamlined, two-knob enclosure. While it may not be for the faint of heart, those willing to take the plunge will surely not be disappointed.”

–  Product Spotlight. Guitar Player Magazine (2014)

30 Seconds of Racket: Vauxflores Gold Standard Demo:

VauxFlores Gold Standard

VauxFlores Gold Standard:

Gold Standard:

Introducing the newest addition to the VauxFlores family of devices tailored for the adventurous, creative and brave sonic champions among us – the Gold Standard. Produced in collaboration with composer, violist, and visual artist Liz Meredith, the Gold Standard is a stripped-down, blown-out, gated “racing-fuzz” based off our very own Number 24, but adapted for those that crave high-octane spontaneity with just a pinch of soul. This particular number, housed in a decorative gold enclosure accenting artwork derived from an original graphic score prepared special to be played using this pedal (meaning for all you shoe gaze experimenters out there, you don’t even need to look up from your pedal to check your charts) is a true pleasure to behold, conjuring a symphony of resonant buzz saws backed by a choir of bees in SATB formation. Colorful language aside, it’s pretty killer – totally wooly, but responsive, gated yet able to really carry a note and harmonically rich while equally destructive. As a bonus, it feeds back when you pull your volume knob back and in certain situations the tone control acts as a fairly decent resonant filter. I can’t guarantee that this box is for everyone, but for those willing to take a plunge into a fairly versatile sound-palate with a familiar interface, what’s there to lose?


Price is $119, not including shipping and handling. All orders ship from Baltimore, Md. via Priority Mail. Please contact us prior to ordering for international orders or to make other shipping arrangements. At the moment, we build in small batches and handle all online ordering through Etsy. If you’re interested in picking up one of these boxes, we invite you to visit our shop – if it’s there, it’s available. If not, either give us a few days or drop us a line.

About Liz:

Liz Meredith is a string player, improviser, and composer originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Her music explores many creative facets, from composing instrumental works to making ambient music, song-oriented pieces, graphic scores, and solo improvisations. “Liz Meredith is a gorgeous plunge into a plaintive mood, a place where rising and falling electronic textures and drawn-out viola lines cast soothing shadow plays on the brain”. – Bret McCabe, Baltimore City Paper (2012). Her current creative projects include: The self-titled debut solo album Liz Meredith LP, a collaborative ambient music project with John Somers (brother of Alex Somers), which includes the recently released album The Disposition of Vibrant Forms Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (5 LP set), and her band X|i|O, a group focused on graphic notation, spontaneous composition and visual-acoustic kinetics. In addition to performing her own music, she has premiered new 21st century music by emerging composers. Liz holds degrees from Berklee College of Music (Bachelor’s Degree in String Performance & Film Music), and Mills College (Master’s Degree in Music Composition). She has studied viola performance with Hank Dutt of Kronos Quartet and music composition with Fred Frith. Liz is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Score:

Here’s the score that this pedal is based off of, btw. Get it. Got it? Good, now let it roll. Coincidentally, each Gold Standard comes with a hard-copy if the score as well. Interested in jamming this thing in a concert hall? Drop Liz a line for her official blessing.



2013 Best of Baltimore Award!

Baltimore City Paper 2013 Best of Baltimore Award
Best Box Set: The Disposition of Vibrant Forms, Liz Meredith and John Somers


“Ambient noise is typically the sort of thing people can only take in small doses—if they can take it at all. Ambient noise as long-form jam? In a box set of five LPs? You might need one hand to count all the die-hard fans for that. All of which makes violinist/composer Liz Meredith and guitarist/composer John Somers The Disposition of Vibrant Forms a minor miracle: five side-long tracks of warm, amorphous ooze that engages the brain as much as it pleases the senses. Think of it as the soundtrack to an imagined abstract film being projected onto the backs of eyelids for about three hours.”

– Baltimore City Paper (2013)

Baltimore City Paper: Best of Baltimore Issue Vol. 37, No. 38 (September 18-25, 2013)

Records: Lathe Cut in New Zealand

♢ ♢ The Disposition of Vibrant Forms.  Limited edition 12″ records (5 LP Box Set). High quality lathe-cut “Geraldine pressings” (NZ). Records cut into clear translucent polycarbonate, with multi-color center label artwork by Cara Levy ♢ ♢


Baltimore City Paper Interview

Baltimore City Paper: Sunny Disposition: Liz Meredith and John Somers Go Epic on 5 LP Box Set:
The Disposition of Vibrant Forms

“The Disposition of Vibrant Forms is an epic release in every sense of the word.  It’s also quite frequently breathtakingly gorgeous, a recording that rewards spending the time it takes to drink it in. […] Each piece is an example of extreme subtlety, music that works in different ways at low or intense volumes and becomes borderline hallucinogenic through headphones. What can initially sound like a snail’s plodding journey also carries these little dancing tones in clusters, and the ear begins to seek them out patiently. Such minute alterations, like a window’s lights coming on in Warhol’s Empire, occur over such elongated time periods that they accrue a dramatic impact. […] ‘Montebello Lake’ parts I and II suggest late-afternoon sunlight slowly drifting into dusk. Meredith’s viola lines trace long drones that capture that levitating twilight when the sun sets yet the sky remains bathed in light. Somers’ guitar textures get smeared into long shadows, and the piece concludes in a ringing tone of night’s arrival, that reminder that dark has imperceptibly swallowed the sky and it’s time to head home.”

– Bret McCabe, Baltimore City Paper (2013)

Bret McCabe, “Sunny Disposition: Liz Meredith and John Somers Go Epic on 5 LP Box Set.”
Baltimore City Paper Vol. 37, No.12 (March 20-27, 2013)

The Disposition of Vibrant Forms 5 LP Set, Liz Meredith and John Somers

John Somers & Liz Meredith
The Disposition Of Vibrant Forms, 5 LP Set (2013)


Album Tracks:
1. Wind Harp Part I (19:00)
2. Wind Harp Part II (16:14)
3. Forward Motion (18:42)
4. Resonant Flow (19:16)
5. Montebello Lake Part I (19:48)
6. Montebello Lake Part II (19:32)
7. Overarcing (19:02)
8. Slow Lift (20:02)
9. Cloud Dance (19:14)
10. Precession (in time) (11:38)

Hello Everyone,
We proudly present to you our album “The Disposition Of Vibrant Forms” here in digital format and limited edition 12″ records (5 LP set). This project is a culmination of three years of collaboration, which gradually took shape over that time span. We really hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for your support!

Very best,
John and Liz / March, 2013

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Album artwork by Cara Levy / Music by John Somers and Liz Meredith / Recorded in Baltimore, MD 2009-2012

© 2013